It's Otter-ly ridiculous.

Welcome one and all to my very first post on my brand new, super shiny blog! I had a lot more planned for this introductory post . . . for instance, I planned to wow the general masses with a fully rendered illustration of a flying otter. That didn't work out too hot, but I do have this nifty li'l doodle of my character, Stilts. I put a lot more effort into the amateur-ish coloring than I did for the actual drawing, but OH WELL.

This is how I look every time I'm forced to wake up before 10am, by the way. Ya know. Minus the purple hair. And the blue skin.

I'm still not entirely sure what I'll be posting around here, as I have another blog that is almost strictly for doodles/personal rants, and I don't just want a copy of the same thing. I'm hoping to conduct myself a little more professionally.

 That being said, here, have an otter. One day, I'll draw him flying. I should have probably saved this post's terrible title for when I do, but ah well.
Until next time, comrades!
-Sara V.