Visual Storytelling Final: Complete.

After I had already posted my inks last time, I went back and spotted blacks so it could read more clearly. I like the result. IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how the pages came out; but I'm more pleased with how much I've learned this quarter. Hoping to continue improving in future quarters.

And now that I'm on break for a month and a half, I think I will go rest.

Bye for now.

-Sara V.


Visual Storytelling Final, part 2: Ze inks! Ze inks!

Getting ready to color. These are some crowded pages. And dirty; I always get smudges all over my pages, and I'm not really sure if it's ink or dirt or graphite or what.

Until next time (and hopefully next time will include some colored pages)!

-Sara V.



I tend to mash-up different stages when I'm doing comics stuff; mainly when I'm working on pencils, I'll leave some pencils half-finished and start inking, simply for variety's sake (that, and inking's my favorite.) Anyway, so here are the mostly finished pencils for my Visual Storytelling final.

It gets crowded, particularly on page two; it's sort of annoying, because after getting very far in my pencils, it occurred to me how I could've made this whole comic work without dialogue. Which I think would make it read a lot better. But oh well. I know for next time.

Later days!
-Sara V.


24 Page Comic!

For your viewing enjoyment. I wasn't planning on posting this all up here since I'm making it a webcomic, but I sort of want to show off the complete thing; but you can still check out the webcomic to experience it in TECHNICOLOR. The inking gets progressively more special with every page. Yay, late night inking!


Until next time, folks!

-Sara V.


Running on very little sleep here.

So for SCAD-Atlanta's Generate this year, I pulled my first all-nighter ever and produced a 24 page comic; I'll be posting it all on smackjeeves.com over the course of the next 12 weeks. The first two pages are up. I added some grays and colors and all that fun stuff. Check it!
  For the other page and future updates, you can go here. 

 I have another webcomic up that I started last December; I still love the concept and the characters, but the finished pages are not things I'm particularly proud of (at least, not anymore. I thought it was hot stuff all those months ago.) Luckily over the course of the year, I've improved, but nevertheless, I'm reluctant to jump back into it. Part of the problem is that I was trying to tackle a larger story without a solid structure; and my last page sort of left it in the middle of a scene anyway.

 So I've been considering restarting it; but posting more self-contained stories, allowing the characters some breathing room. It may be a good chance to flesh things out.

I'm still not pleased with the design for this blog, but I figure in the meantime I'll keep it simple.

Until next time!

-Sara V.


When in doubt, draw yo'self.

  Whenever I'm at a loss of what to draw, I usually end up drawing myself. However, I never depict myself acting remotely serious, so this picture is a little out of the ordinary. For that aspect alone. I have yet to settle on an official layout for this blog. 

 The background is really low quality, thanks to the high quality one being too big for blogger to handle (hoh hoh hoh).

 So anyway, while I'm figuring that nonsense out, this site is still under construction.Once I'm actually pleased with the site's look, I'll hopefully quit hiding in my shame and bother posting more (assuming at that point, I will bug friends and colleagues to take a look). Summer is almost over! And I'm excited to return to school. School makes me not lazy. 

-Sara V.


Watch, as I disregard everything art school has taught me in a single strip.

 While this strip mentions deviantArt, it also holds true for my blog. I rarely update. I used to update my old, scraps-only blog a lot (or at least, every so often), but I've fallen out of the groove; so, I have taken on the task of the 100 Theme Challenge on deviantArt, which is basically a list of 100 different themes that you sketch something for, in the hopes I will be motivated. This was my starter piece. I know it's sloppy, but I did have fun with it. 

 The second theme was Love, so I did this piece last night. I was just a bundle of insecurities for this one, for several reasons; people seem to respond the most enthusiastically to my sillier drawings, so I wasn't sure if they'd go crazy for this one. Not that it's an overly serious picture or anything, but I worried the effect I wanted wouldn't come across, though a successful effect would've made up for the non-silliness. So then it would just be a bucket of fail.

 Yes, I know I need to relax.

 So here's some fun, bloggy stuff I wouldn't post on deviantArt or facebook . . .a mug I imagine my character Stilts (seen in the previous entry) would own!

 Yes, I know that's not really fun, but I was ridiculously excited over this mug. IT'S FUN FOR ME, OKAY. YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM MEEEEE.

 Another not-really-but-let's-pretend-it's-fun bonus drawing I have is my first (inked) attempt at the Love theme drawing. Though I only liked how the girl came out, so that's all you get to see.

 Though I have a light hand, for whatever reason I was pressing down harder for this sketch, so when I messed up on the boy, it became impossible to erase, and he turned into a huge blue and purple Col-Erase blob. It was so sad. That's why the girl is so concerned here. She's thinking, "Why is this boy a blob? Is that the sort of fate he would've chosen for himself?" This is serious business.

Contrary to this entry's title, I don't really think I disregarded everything art school taught me, but I put that just to be on the safe side. I suppose I always envision my professors coming across my drawings, and just shaking their heads in disappointment, saying things like, "I thought I taught her better than this," and "There's a clarity issue here," and "Ew. What was she thinking?" Again, I know I need to relax.

 One day, I'll post cool things up. Until then. Enjoy this. I've been working at McDonald's this summer, and there's plenty of weird things going on there to inspire silly comics. So maybe you guys will see some of those soon enough.

-Sara V.


It's Otter-ly ridiculous.

Welcome one and all to my very first post on my brand new, super shiny blog! I had a lot more planned for this introductory post . . . for instance, I planned to wow the general masses with a fully rendered illustration of a flying otter. That didn't work out too hot, but I do have this nifty li'l doodle of my character, Stilts. I put a lot more effort into the amateur-ish coloring than I did for the actual drawing, but OH WELL.

This is how I look every time I'm forced to wake up before 10am, by the way. Ya know. Minus the purple hair. And the blue skin.

I'm still not entirely sure what I'll be posting around here, as I have another blog that is almost strictly for doodles/personal rants, and I don't just want a copy of the same thing. I'm hoping to conduct myself a little more professionally.

 That being said, here, have an otter. One day, I'll draw him flying. I should have probably saved this post's terrible title for when I do, but ah well.
Until next time, comrades!
-Sara V.