What I got up to in the winter

Trying to remind myself to update more often! Oy vey. The past couple of months I haven't been as focused on comics per se, seeing as last quarter I had an animation class and a comics history class. I did, however, finished a few illustrations, as well as work on my web comic (which is currently on hiatus, thanks to me being in senior project.)

 This illustration was done as a sample piece for a small children book publisher; they ended up not hiring me, but hey, I at least got a piece I'm happy with.

This illustration was done purely for fun inking practice; I intended to color it, but as it often goes with me, I got fed up with the colors and abandoned that idea. Maybe one day!

This was a banner I did for my web comic.

I have mixed feelings about the actual comic pages, but seeing as they were done in a short amount of time, I should probably forgive myself. Here's a few pages I ended up being proud of!

That's all I got for tonight! Next time, character sketches and storyboards! -Sara V.!