Something old, something new

I did two test pages for Boom! last December, and recently got permission to post them online! One was for an Ice Age comic, and the other was for a Regular Show comic . . . I was trying to use a thinner line than I usually use for the lineart, and it was a challenge, but overall, I'm proud of these pages.

These past few months, I've been working on a huge commission for a friend of a friend (hopefully I can post that soon! It's enormous), and I've also been working on my webcomic again . . . I relaunched it last Saturday, and hope to keep updating consistently until the end of the chapter!
Anyway, here's the original and finished version of the latest page (that I'll post this Saturday!):
Hopefully I'll be back soon with a huge commission to show for myself! :D We shall meet again, comrades! -Sara V.


Sara has graduated, and the world rejoices!

  I graduated back in June, and spent the majority of the summer looking for a place to live/wallowing in my post-graduation depression. Now that I have living situations worked out (I'm officially staying in Atlanta with three of my closest friends), as well as a much needed break from art, I feel like I'm ready to share my work with the internet yet again.

So for senior project, I put together a little comic pitch for a fantasy story I first came up with when I was 17 (I can't even begin to express how drastically the entire story has changed since then.) My favorite part of coming up with stories is creating/designing/exploring characters, so of course, the character sheets were the most fun to work on. 

I also completed eight comic pages, although I'm only going to share a couple with you lovely folks, in order to enhance my mysteriousness. 

 The first two pages were my favorite . . . 

. . . as well as the last two pages!

I gotta admit, I'm a complete sucker for adorable father-daughter interactions, so I hope I was successful here. 

 Since creating these pages, I honestly haven't done too much; I needed a mental break, after being told to draw four years in a row. Since then, I've done a couple of doodles here and there, but nothing too crazy. 

And the break paid off. The other night, I inked a drawing for the first time in months, and now I'm eager to return to creating art! Yay, mental breaks! 

I unfortunately do not have a scanner at the moment, so a camera picture is the best I can muster!

 Hopefully I'll be updating soon; I want to continue working on the comic I started for senior project, as well as returning to my poor, neglected webcomic. 

Until next time!

-Sara Vivanco


Characters! Characters galore!

Greetings, my good people! I'm back, and so soon! So I'm in senior project this quarter, and so I have been working my butt off on character designs and comic pages! Here's my character designs!
And here's some storyboarding goodness I got up to last quarter. We had to retell a fairytale for an assignment.
Until next time! -Sara V.


What I got up to in the winter

Trying to remind myself to update more often! Oy vey. The past couple of months I haven't been as focused on comics per se, seeing as last quarter I had an animation class and a comics history class. I did, however, finished a few illustrations, as well as work on my web comic (which is currently on hiatus, thanks to me being in senior project.)

 This illustration was done as a sample piece for a small children book publisher; they ended up not hiring me, but hey, I at least got a piece I'm happy with.

This illustration was done purely for fun inking practice; I intended to color it, but as it often goes with me, I got fed up with the colors and abandoned that idea. Maybe one day!

This was a banner I did for my web comic.

I have mixed feelings about the actual comic pages, but seeing as they were done in a short amount of time, I should probably forgive myself. Here's a few pages I ended up being proud of!

That's all I got for tonight! Next time, character sketches and storyboards! -Sara V.!


The Slug Monster

Man, am I awesome at consistent updates or what? Anyway, this is a comic I did last quarter as part of an extra curricular assignment in my department; it is a completely, 100% accurate portrayal of my life. No fantastical elements whatsoever.

Until next time, everyone! (Which will hopefully be much sooner!)

-Sara V.