8-Page Mini Comic!

Long time, no post! :)

Finishing up the school year in a couple of days; I know I've been absent all school-year long, and there's not a ton of legitimate reasons for it, other than life distracting me. Last quarter I produced a lot of work that I recognize was pretty good, but I became really resentful that those assignments engulfed my entire life for ten weeks and then just hated everything I'd done. So I will not be posting work from the winter.

 Instead, here's a look at my most recent work; we had to make an 8-page comic for Getting Published. I was super psyched to work with my character Stilts again (he was also the star in the last comic I posted here). I also really, really, REALLY love drawing trees. I'm thinking of quitting these comic shenanigans and just becoming a tree artist. I'm sure those exist.


In Sara's-life news, I will be attending AnimeNEXT in Somerset, NJ this year (it's next week!), and this 8-pager, along with with a bunch of awesome prints, will be sold! I'm excited, since it's my first con doing the Artists' Alley. :)

Hopefully I will update soon! Later, folks!

Summer is almost heeeere!

Sara V.