Something old, something new

I did two test pages for Boom! last December, and recently got permission to post them online! One was for an Ice Age comic, and the other was for a Regular Show comic . . . I was trying to use a thinner line than I usually use for the lineart, and it was a challenge, but overall, I'm proud of these pages.

These past few months, I've been working on a huge commission for a friend of a friend (hopefully I can post that soon! It's enormous), and I've also been working on my webcomic again . . . I relaunched it last Saturday, and hope to keep updating consistently until the end of the chapter!
Anyway, here's the original and finished version of the latest page (that I'll post this Saturday!):
Hopefully I'll be back soon with a huge commission to show for myself! :D We shall meet again, comrades! -Sara V.

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