Watch, as I disregard everything art school has taught me in a single strip.

 While this strip mentions deviantArt, it also holds true for my blog. I rarely update. I used to update my old, scraps-only blog a lot (or at least, every so often), but I've fallen out of the groove; so, I have taken on the task of the 100 Theme Challenge on deviantArt, which is basically a list of 100 different themes that you sketch something for, in the hopes I will be motivated. This was my starter piece. I know it's sloppy, but I did have fun with it. 

 The second theme was Love, so I did this piece last night. I was just a bundle of insecurities for this one, for several reasons; people seem to respond the most enthusiastically to my sillier drawings, so I wasn't sure if they'd go crazy for this one. Not that it's an overly serious picture or anything, but I worried the effect I wanted wouldn't come across, though a successful effect would've made up for the non-silliness. So then it would just be a bucket of fail.

 Yes, I know I need to relax.

 So here's some fun, bloggy stuff I wouldn't post on deviantArt or facebook . . .a mug I imagine my character Stilts (seen in the previous entry) would own!

 Yes, I know that's not really fun, but I was ridiculously excited over this mug. IT'S FUN FOR ME, OKAY. YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM MEEEEE.

 Another not-really-but-let's-pretend-it's-fun bonus drawing I have is my first (inked) attempt at the Love theme drawing. Though I only liked how the girl came out, so that's all you get to see.

 Though I have a light hand, for whatever reason I was pressing down harder for this sketch, so when I messed up on the boy, it became impossible to erase, and he turned into a huge blue and purple Col-Erase blob. It was so sad. That's why the girl is so concerned here. She's thinking, "Why is this boy a blob? Is that the sort of fate he would've chosen for himself?" This is serious business.

Contrary to this entry's title, I don't really think I disregarded everything art school taught me, but I put that just to be on the safe side. I suppose I always envision my professors coming across my drawings, and just shaking their heads in disappointment, saying things like, "I thought I taught her better than this," and "There's a clarity issue here," and "Ew. What was she thinking?" Again, I know I need to relax.

 One day, I'll post cool things up. Until then. Enjoy this. I've been working at McDonald's this summer, and there's plenty of weird things going on there to inspire silly comics. So maybe you guys will see some of those soon enough.

-Sara V.

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