When in doubt, draw yo'self.

  Whenever I'm at a loss of what to draw, I usually end up drawing myself. However, I never depict myself acting remotely serious, so this picture is a little out of the ordinary. For that aspect alone. I have yet to settle on an official layout for this blog. 

 The background is really low quality, thanks to the high quality one being too big for blogger to handle (hoh hoh hoh).

 So anyway, while I'm figuring that nonsense out, this site is still under construction.Once I'm actually pleased with the site's look, I'll hopefully quit hiding in my shame and bother posting more (assuming at that point, I will bug friends and colleagues to take a look). Summer is almost over! And I'm excited to return to school. School makes me not lazy. 

-Sara V.


  1. Well done! I like the sky-ward gaze. Are you looking towards heaven or is a low flying bird about to drop its payload?

  2. BEAUTIFUL. Really nice choice of color here too. And I'm diggin' the current site background.


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