Running on very little sleep here.

So for SCAD-Atlanta's Generate this year, I pulled my first all-nighter ever and produced a 24 page comic; I'll be posting it all on smackjeeves.com over the course of the next 12 weeks. The first two pages are up. I added some grays and colors and all that fun stuff. Check it!
  For the other page and future updates, you can go here. 

 I have another webcomic up that I started last December; I still love the concept and the characters, but the finished pages are not things I'm particularly proud of (at least, not anymore. I thought it was hot stuff all those months ago.) Luckily over the course of the year, I've improved, but nevertheless, I'm reluctant to jump back into it. Part of the problem is that I was trying to tackle a larger story without a solid structure; and my last page sort of left it in the middle of a scene anyway.

 So I've been considering restarting it; but posting more self-contained stories, allowing the characters some breathing room. It may be a good chance to flesh things out.

I'm still not pleased with the design for this blog, but I figure in the meantime I'll keep it simple.

Until next time!

-Sara V.

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